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Singapore has made the commitment to moving towards full casino gambling. They have already decided that the form of gambling will be a part of their culture.

They are also, however, taking precautions to make sure they do everything within their power to help people avoid problem gambling.

The Casino Control Act was passed in 2006 and has several provisions banning certain groups from entering casinos in Singapore. Anyone receiving Special Grants or Public Assistance are forbidden from entering casinos under the “Third Party Exclusion” clause.

Now, officials are adding anyone who has claimed bankruptcy to the list. That makes it a total of 28,000 people in the area will be excluded from casinos under the provision.

The National Council on Problem Gambling is working with the Ministry of Community to ensure that the laws that are set forth in the exclusion clauses are adhered to by casinos in Singapore.

Problem gambling has been an issue that has been tackled by all areas where casinos are located. Singapore is going the extra mile to make sure they do as much as possible to curb people away from gambling problems.


Pennsylvania Casino Feeling The Effects of Turbulent Economy


The economy in America is enough to make even the most patient of people pull their hair out in disgust. The current administration has run the economy into the ground, and apparently nobody is exempt.

Casinos around the country are starting to feel the effects of an American economy that has slipped to the edge of a recession. Without extra entertainment money, casinos will further be hurt by the economy.

Presque Isle Downs and Casino has begun to cut hours for their employees until business picks up. Almost two hundred of the casinos eight hundred employees are watching as their working hours are sliced.

Full time employees are now going down to four days and part time employees that were working around twenty five hours are now down to around fifteen and sixteen.

The casino says that the hour cuts will stay in place until business picks up back to normal. Last month, $26.8 million was bet at the casino. The week before that almost $34 million was wagered. A good sign that things are rebounding from the slow winter months.

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