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Entry into the bidding for the right to run a casino at Aqueduct in New York has come very late in the game for the Shinnecock Indians, but the proposal is so elaborate, that it might just get a look.

Although the Shinnecock Indians have no experience in running a casino, they have done what anyone looking to embark on a new adventure would do, partner up with an expert in the field.

Marian Ilitch, the owner of Detroit’s Tigers and Red Wings has partnered with the tribe on their new proposal. Ilitch also owns the MotorCity Casino Resort in Detroit and the reviews of that casino come with high regard, which gives the Shinnecock proposal credibility.

The proposal itself would bring a 1,200 room hotel, a 1 million square foot casino floor that would house 350 table games and a staggering, 10,500 slot machines. Other luxuries would also be built with the help of the community.

12,000 jobs would also be created by the mega complex. The complex would be similar to the one at Foxwoods in Connecticut.

The advantage of allowing the tribe to build the casino is it would stop plans for a casino being built in the Hamptons, where opponents are strongly against a casino, so they would fight for the tribe to open the casino in the city instead. Either way, a casino will be run at Aqueduct, so it would only make sense that with as elaborate of a plan that the Shinnecocks have come forward with, and the amount of money it could generate, that the proposal will receive considerable thought.

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