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The Seneca Indians have big plans for a permanent casino in Buffalo. They are engaged in a legal battle over the facility. Now they have decided to expand their temporary casino.

The tribe currently has a casino that is 6,000 square feet. The expansion will bring the total square feet to just under 10,000. 135 slot machines are in use at the casino. That number will grow to 244 after 109 are added. The expansion will almost double the size of the current expansion, and it could signal a long legal battle over the permanent casino. The cost for the expansion of the temporary casino is just over $3 million.

The permanent facility’s blueprints are being finalized. The proposed cost of the new facility is over $300 million. A hotel will be built, and various other amenities will also be included to make the permanent casino top class. The project is expected to be completed and opened in 2010.

The temporary casino has been open for six months. In its annual report to the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission that was filed today, the tribe revealed plans of the expansion for the temporary site.


Date Set For Casinos Challenge Against Teacher Union in Nevada


Nevada casinos raise millions and millions of dollars for various causes in the state. Revenue money that is generated is spread out among different organizations. several of those organizations are calling for more money.

The Nevada State Education Association is backing an initiative to raise taxes for state casinos. The high end casinos are the ones the union is targeting.

Currently, casinos that are making more than $1 million a month are paying a 6.75 percent tax rate. The initiative is calling for that number to be raised by three percent, to 9.75.

Former Nevada Supreme Court Justice Miriam Shearing has set a date and will hear the Nevada casinos challenge to the initiative. The initiative would raise $250 million a year for public schools.

Another group besides the teachers union is also seeking an initiative to raise taxes on casinos. Kermitt Waters, a Las Vegas lawyer is leading the charge on two initiatives. His goal is to raise casino taxes to twenty percent.

58,628 signatures are required by May 20th to get on the ballot. Then, they would have to be approved in the 2008 and 2010 elections.

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